The Auto-Regulated and Self-Individualized Hypertrophy Training Program
Finally Have A Program That’s Tailored To You, By You, For You.

LIMITED TIME BONUS: 2 Hour Program Design Presentation, By Coach Cody, That Dives DEEP Into The Topics Covered In This Book. Get Live Coaching Guidance and Explanations of All The Methods You'll Find Inside This Ebook

YOUR LAST PROGRAM EVER: You can use this program continuously, as it not only adjusts as you progress and evolve over time… it educates you on what to change, when to change it, and how to change it. You can literally adapt this program and continue to use it as long as you want.

INDIVIDUALIZED TRAINING: Be Your Own Coach! This is the only program that is built for you; meaning you can literally individualize this to your schedule (days in the gym per week), biomechanics, stress levels, volume demands, training experience, and personal goals.
EXERCISE SELECTION: Choose the exercises, with our guidance, that fit your body best. Stop doing movements that “you don’t feel” or “just don’t click with me”. Instead, choose ones that DO agree with your movement abilities, limb lengths, and personal mind muscle connection.
PERIODIZED PROPERLY: Stop guessing on what to change, when to change it, and how to change it! Instead, follow a program that does it all for you and takes out the confusion behind proper programming.
EDUCATION: This is THE ONLY program that doesn’t hide it’s secrets, instead - I dive DEEP into the what, why, and how, so that you can educate, understand, and do it yourself. I want you to LEARN how to program and become your own coach.
"A relevant and easy-to-follow guide to the world of autoregulation and fatigue management. Cody has a skillset of making complex topics outlined in the current available research simple and easy to understand and implement. He did just that with this program, Built For You, and he’s made it easy to progress based on your individual capabilities."
“Not only do I feel AND perform better than I ever have, but Cody has opened my eyes and educated me as to what it means to train intelligently and with purpose."
"Built for You is straightforward, educational and exactly what you need to take your training to the next level! Too often people overlook training when building their ideal physique and only focus on diet. Cody does a great job educating why that's so critical as well as the ins and outs of training programming in an easy to digest format."
"Cody's Built For You Program provides you with a comprehensive program that's scientifically backed and highly flexible based on your preferences, experience level and needs. This program is so unique because it's taking into consideration the complexities of exercise science while dishing it out in such a simplistic manner. I'd highly recommend Cody's Built For You Program."
"If I could summarize my thoughts following reading Cody's newest creation - "Built For You" it would look like this; Holy Sh*t. If your someone who's interested in the thought process, the hierarchy of importance, and context-dependent inputs of building an optimal hypertrophy training program, this is a MUST HAVE." 
"Cody takes advanced training concepts and breaks them down into digestible information that you can apply to your own training and in this book, he does just that!"
The Only Program That Adjusts To You, For You, By You.
BACKED BY SCIENCE: Built For You uses what has been proven by science, studies, and real-life experience, to get the most optimal results.
INDIVIDUALIZED WEEKLY SPLIT: This program can be suited for any individual with any lifestyle schedule, meaning that YOU are in control of how many times per week you’re in the gym.
SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE: While using this program, you'll be invited to the exclusive and private Facebook group, that ONLY purchases of Built For You have access to, so that you have unlimited access, answers, and accountability to see success.
PROGRESSION: Most people fail to see results, because they do not follow a system that has progressions built in - they go for weeks, if not months, without seeing differences in their performance or body composition... This program is built with progressions, so that it's almost impossible to NOT improve every single week while using the training program.
Understand The Process Of Successful Training Design and Progression
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