The Power-Building Method
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Get The 10-Week Training Program uses a method that has been tested on THOUSANDS of individuals, backed by science, and proven through experience, to get the absolute best results possible through strength training.
BUILD MUSCLE: Programming that uses science to guarantee muscle growth (and hit new strength PR's at the same time)!
STRENGTH: Metrics for progression built in, so tracking is simple and  performance improvements are inevitable!
FAT LOSS: This program fits perfectly into your fat loss plan as well, helping you get lean and maintain maximal amounts of muscle and strength (if not building more during your cut).
Coach Cody "Boom-Boom" McBoom
Access My 10-Week Program and You'll Also Receive...
Expert Guidance: Receive years of expertise backed by science within the pages of this ebook (it's not just a training program).
Support: Exclusive access to my private group on Facebook for questions, substitutions, or form critiques on your lifts.
Success: Achieve results you've yet to achieve, through a training plan you've yet to discover! New muscle is on the other side of this page...
You'll get how-to workout explanations that will teach you how to actually perform the movements (completely avoiding injuries)!
Get exclusive access to the private Facebook group where you'll have unlimited access to Coach Cody, form checks, answers to your questions, and serious accountability.
Upload your program to iBooks, Kindle, or another phone app so you can take your program with you to the gym and have it in the palm of your hand 24-7.
Guaranteed Progress
Following the program details will guarantee that each and every week, you're making noticeable progress in the gym AND in the mirror.
DENSITY: The Power-Building Method
Cody's Power-Building Method has been used on hundreds and hundreds of individuals from around the world. Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, or Purely Strength Focused, this Training System is the most optimal way to tackle your physical goals while avoiding any and all injuries along the way.
BACKED BY SCIENCE: Density uses what has been proven by science, studies, and real-life experience, to get the most optimal results.
INDIVIDUALIZED: This program can be suited for any individual with any lifestyle schedule.
SUPPORT: While using this program, you'll be invited to the exclusive and private Facebook group so you have unlimited access, answers, and accountability.
PROGRESSION: Most people fail to see results, because they do not follow a system that has progressions built in - they go for weeks, if not months, without seeing progressing differences in their performance and body composition... Well this program is built with progressions, so that it's almost impossible to NOT improve every single week while using the training program.
What Clients Are Saying!
See what others think about the B.B.P training system...
Courtney Sturgeon
"After deciding to take a break from CrossFit, I felt a little lost. I tried a few different programs but nothing seemed right for me or kept my attention. I was having consistent nagging knee/elbow/shoulder joint pain and lower back pain that was keeping me up at night. I got Cody's programming and not only did it come with a full training plan, but also the warm up, videos, and a FB group to ask questions. I was hooked from day 1 and have loved every single week. I have ZERO joint pain now and my lower back is now feeling better with no pain, I can sleep through the night again! Even though I was completely focused on joint health and not muscle growth, I still have had several people comment on my shoulder definition and butt lift (that one's from the hubs lol)."
Colby Jones
"Just wanted to let you know this training program is one of the best programs I have ever done! Just started phase 2 and have already seen great results! Keep them coming and I’m referring anyone I know to this program and your content!"
Ben Racke
"Dude, I love your program! Obviously as a trainer myself, I've done my own thing, played college ball so had a strength coach then, train with other people, trainers, bodybuilders, athletes, and even boughten some of the top programs out there... Your programs are the most well designed programs I've ever ran and better than any program I've ever designed. Straight up."
Britt Wright
"After being physically beaten up from my prior training routine I needed something that would bring me back to my reason of why I started training. Cody's programming has restored my love for training, my body feels healthier and stronger than ever, and I am constantly seeing body composition and performance gains. Thanks Cody for giving me a program that has reminded me why I love training."