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My Proven Workout Methods Will Help You Crush Training and Finally See Results (Even If You've Trusted Another Program That Hasn't Worked)
Get Access To Training That Constantly Evolves, Never Gets Stale, and Actually Educates You So You No Longer Wonder WTF To Do In The Gym!
“Not only do I feel AND perform better than I ever have, but Cody has opened my eyes and educated me as to what it means to train intelligently and with purpose."
"After deciding to take a break from CrossFit, I felt a little lost. I was having consistent joint and lower back pain that was keeping me up at night. I got Cody's programming and not only did it come with a full training plan, but also warm ups, videos, and a FB group to ask questions. I was hooked from day 1 and have loved every single week. I have ZERO joint pain now and my lower back is feeling better with no pain, I can sleep through the night again!"
"I love this programming! As a trainer myself, I've done my own thing, played college ball and had a strength coach, trained with other people, trainers, bodybuilders, athletes, and even bought some of the top programs out there... Cody's programs are the most well designed programs I've ever ran and better than any program I've ever designed. Straight up."
"Too often people overlook training when building their ideal physique and only focus on diet. Cody does a great job educating why that's so critical as well as the ins and outs of training programming in an easy to digest format."
"If you want to lose fat, gain muscle, gain strength, or just look good naked... Cody delivers. I was in pursuit of all the above over the course of my time working with Cody. His programming was customized, results driven, and most importantly, demonstrated that he listened to me. I highly recommend BBP."
"Working with Cody has helped me pack on pain-free muscle and achieve the best shape of my life. I've also learned a huge amount as a coach - the programs I create for my clients are much better suited to their specific needs thanks to what I've learned inside The Elite."
"After being physically beaten up from my prior training routine I needed something that would bring me back to my reason of why I started training. Cody's programming has restored my love for training, my body feels healthier and stronger than ever, and I am constantly seeing body composition and performance gains. Thanks Cody for giving me a program that has reminded me why I love training."
DONE-FOR-YOU TRAINING ($250 value): Stop Guessing What To Do In The Gym or Going Into Sessions Aimlessly Without Purpose or Direction, Get Programs That Are Customizable For YOU.
ENJOY TRAINING AGAIN ($500 value):  Avoid Training A.D.D. and End The Monthly Coach Hopping, We Have COUNTLESS Programs For You To Try Inside So You NEVER GET BORED
EVERY LEVEL, EVERY GOAL ($250 Value):  I've Created A Program For You and It's Inside The Elite. No Matter Your Experience, Goal, or Type Of Gym You Attend, I Got You Covered.
PRIVATE COMMUNITY ($50 Value):  Meet Like-Minded People, Just Like You, Looking To Learn More, Train Smarter, and Get Feedback)
WEEKLY COACHING w/ CODY ($650 value):  Go Live With Cody Weekly To Get Answers To Your Questions, Exercise Demo Videos, Programming Guidance, Get Your Form Critiqued... This is a Training Mentorship!
STOP GETTING INJURED (Priceless):  Now You Can Finally Avoid Taking Periodical Breaks, Because Our Warm Ups, Mobility Protocols, and Quick Built-in Priming Work Allows You To Avoid Any and ALL Aches, Pains and Injuries.
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Coach Cody "Boom-Boom" McBroom
Coach Cody is president / head coach of Boom Boom Performance, he's a certified strength and nutrition coach that has over 8 years of experience working with everyone from your average Joe and Jane, to bodybuilders and bikini competitors, to elite CrossFitters and professional athletes. He's taking all of his experience (college, courses, workshops, hundreds of books, thousands of research reviews/articles, thousands of clients in person and online...)... and has put IT ALL into this elite program, for YOU to get the best results possible.
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Daily Programming
You'll get how-to workout explanations that will teach you how to achieve results!
Join a community of people striving to get better AND keeping each other accountable of pushing towards their goals.
24-7 Access
Access any and all material right from your phone at any time, so you're NEVER on your own while accomplishing your goals.
Bonus Material
Including: Nutrition and Supplementation guide, hundreds of exercise demo videos, coaching interviews with world renown experts, merchandise, support forum, exercise critiquing from Coach Cody, and more...
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