Functional Muscle 2.0
Evidence Based Training For Pain Free Gains
The Science Based Training Program That Maximizes Both Strength and Hypertrophy, Functionally.
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Guaranteed Results: Yes, I'm that confident about this one. If you follow this program for the entire duration, I promise you that you will set new PR's and gain muscle you've never had before.
Science Explained: Before the training even begins, I'm going to give away all my dirty little secrets (talking training here still). Inside I'll teach you exactly why I’ve chosen specific methods, how to execute them optimally, and why they’re guaranteed to work.
Tracking Tools: I've created an online (and printable) workout log so that you can track progress week to week and ensure you're moving forward towards better results every time you step in the gym.
Coaching Guidance: Each and every exercise comes with explanations, coaching cues, and video examples to help you fully understand the execution of every single rep. Adding to that, you'll gain access to our private forum so you can ask me questions personally, as you follow along.
Advanced Training Split: This 5-day split combines the best training split for strength, with the best training split for maximizing hypertrophy - each week looks like: upper/lower/push/pull/legs. In 12 weeks you will improve your results more than you ever have in a single program.
Coach Cody "Boom-Boom" McBroom
Cody has been in the industry for over 10 years and during that time, he's not only personally experienced and trained inside competitive bodybuilding, CrossFit, athletic endeavors, and strength performance... He's coached everyone from competitive Bodybuilders, Athletes, CrossFitters, WWE Wrestlers, Powerlifters, Models, Actors, and massive amounts of general population based clients.

To create Functional Muscle 2.0 – he has taken all that experience and knowledge of what it takes to have true longevity in the gym, while applying what today’s science is showing us leads to the best possible results, and built a system that is practical and moldable to any individual.

Avoid The Aches and Pains and Finally Transform Your Body

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